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The Purple Star Advisory Board is pleased to announce T. K. Stone Middle School as one of the Spring 2022 - 2023 Purple Star Award Recipients. This award highlights T.K. Stone's commitment and dedication for Kentucky’s military youth and families in their local community. T.K. Stone, along with only 14 other schools, join 26 Kentucky schools awarded with this honor. 

T.K. Stone completed the four requirements below to receive the Purple Star Award designation. 

  1. Designate a Purple Star Liaison who works in the building
  2. Attend Purple Star Liaison orientation training
  3. Host one annual military recognition event
  4. Dedicate a military-family resource page on their school's website with the liaison's contact information, Purple Star logo and local military family resources. 
  5. Schools must reapply every two years to maintain the designation.

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Kelly Fisher

Purple Star Liaison